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At TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING (TGE), we provide a comprehensive spectrum of engineering services in order to execute your project from planning to technical documentation. Our qualified and dedicated staff of structural engineers and architects work on a wide variety of captivating and challenging projects, from large industrial facilities and residential and commercial buildings, to smaller but equally important and challenging projects. During structural analysis and architectural design, we strongly take care of the quality and the economics of the design.
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Areas of Work


At TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING, we have considerable experience and a large number of successfully completed projects related to both steel detailing and reinforced concrete detailing. Our qualified and dedicated staff of structural engineers, designers and drafters provide high quality services using the latest versions of specialized software for 3D modelling and detailing, such as Autodesk Advance Steel and Tekla Structures. Using our own checking procedures and completing extensive drawing checks by chartered structural engineers prior to issue, we’re ensuring high quality at all time.
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Areas of Work


At TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING, we constantly push the boundaries to meet the complex tasks and high expectations of our clients. You can rely on our multidisciplinary team of experienced experts if you need assistance in process of verification and adjustment of foreign design and technical documentation to national regulations. Also, you can hire us to do an independent technical control of your project.
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Areas of Work


At TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING, we value strong and enduring relationships with our clients. We provide subcontracting services for structural engineering companies, architectural companies, drawing offices, contractors, steel fabricators and steel reinforcement suppliers. The choice of licensed software that has become industrial standard in a particular area and regular updating and upgrading of software packages, have enabled the company to carry out works with advanced tools and in full compatibility with engineering companies all over the world. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have successfully completed a considerable number of projects on different continents, especially in Europe, Australia and North America.
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Structural design of all types of steel structures and concrete structures. We carry out finite element analysis (FEA) for structures using the best and the latest software tools, resolving the most complex structures.


Production of very precise and accurate 3D models of structural steel and miscellaneous steel and high quality detailed structural steel and miscellaneous steel fabrication shop drawings.


Design of all types of steel-steel connections and steel-concrete connections. We can design all types of bolted or welded connections, base plates and anchoring, using FEA software and internal procedures.


Reinforced concrete detailing services for a wide range of buildings and facilities. A dedicated team of reinforced concrete specialists who are able to undertake the detailing of various types of reinforced concrete structures.


Architectural design for a wide range of buildings and facilities. We have architects at our disposal with 10+ years of experience in design and construction of industrial facilities and residential and commercial buildings.

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We proudly present our qualified and dedicated staff of structural engineers, architects and draftsmen. Our team is made up of young and ambitious experts, led by experienced management. See More

Recent Projects

We worked hard and passionate to meet the high expectations of our valued clients and, also, to impress our potential clients by paying attention to every detail during the development of our projects. See More

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Structural Engineering

University hub building

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Pedestrian bridge concept

Pedestrian bridge

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Advance Steel detailing

Urban farm

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Steel structure BIM modelling

Quarry transfer towers

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Steel platform design

Maintenance platform

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Portal frame building structural design

Steel portal frame building

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University centre detailed design

University centre

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Telecommunication tower platform design

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Passive house

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Shopping mall Advance Steel model

Shopping mall refurbishment

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Industrial building Advance Steel

Poultry processing facility

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Roof truss design

Roof structure & canopy

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Portal frame steel detailing

Coffee house

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Balconies & balustrades

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Tower steel detailing

Rock breaker tower

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Garage BIM model

Garage & workshop

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