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Tim Global Engineering

We are a private outsourcing company that provides engineering & design, detailing and consulting services in construction. Ever since its establishment, the company has hired young and ambitious experts in structural engineering. The company ensures that all entrusted projects are carried out on time and to the highest standard and that modern yet proven solutions are provided always in the best interest of our clients.

We offer contemporary engineering solutions and materials along with the latest software technology. This way of work has rendered good results and ensured client satisfaction, helping us to gain excellent reputation and respectable position in the market.


The company’s leading engineers have many years of design and detailing experience in various fields of the construction industry, especially in the steel industry. TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING specialises in that particular section of the market, among other fields of expertise.


Through our choice of licensed software tools that have become industry standards and their regular update and upgrade, we can streamline any project and provide services in full compatibility with global engineering practices.


TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING has partnered with international teams of designers and contractors to collaborate on a number of large-scale projects, achieving major success with prominent companies. Experiences gained on such projects have vastly benefited the development of our company.
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Our mission is to provide the highest quality following the latest engineering practices and international standards to ensure long-term partnerships and trustworthiness.


As a reliable and ambitious company, we strive to expand the range of our services, incorporate new disciplines, and implement innovative solutions through constant learning.


TIM GLOBAL ENGINEERING with its sister company TIM INŽENJERING SISTEM have departments for building construction and architecture, over 25 employed engineers and architects, wide range of licensed software and considerable experience.

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