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Connections are a vital part of steel structures so proper connection design is essential for a safe and economic structure. Steel connections (or steel-steel connections) are structural elements that serve to join together different steel members (beams, columns, etc.). There are two common ways to connect structural steel members – by way of bolts or welds.


Connection design usually starts by determining internal forces and making a preliminary layout. The connection should be designed in such a way that there is minimal interference with equipment, utilities, handling or access. Then the aim is to find the most efficient load path (the internal force distribution) through the connection, to establish the strength, stability and stiffness requirements for all connections to accommodate all the loads, sizes and geometry requirements, and finally to make sure that such connection can be economically fabricated and installed.


Pairing the use of IDEA StatiCa (Finite Element Analysis) software with internal procedures and templates and our engineering experience, we simplify and resolve even the most complex connection design requirements and make sure that our clients get optimal solutions concerning the thickness of plates, number of bolts and size of welds, aesthetic demands, and always with the installation process in mind to achieve fast and easy installation onsite.

We specialise in designing all types of steel-steel connections, either bolted or welded, and steel-concrete connections, including base plates and anchoring.

We provide our clients with detailed, well-organised and clear calculation reports for each connection and for each element of the connection – plates, bolts, welds.


Here are some of the models of connections we have designed. Take a closer look at our project for a university hub building and find more details on the project and its connection design requirements.
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